Two-key-lock-pair access control method using prime factorization and time stamp

Min Shiang Hwang*, Wen-Guey Tzeng, Wei Pang Yang

*Corresponding author for this work

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Many methods, based on the concept of key-lock-pair have been proposed for access control in computer protection systems. However, the proposed methods still either lack of dynamic ability or need quite a lot of computation in performing requests of deleting users/files, inserting users/files, or updating access rights of users to files. In this paper we propose a two-key-lock-pair access control method that is based on the unique factorization theorem and a time stamp mechanism. Our method is dynamic and needs a minimum amount of computation in the sense that it only updates at most one key/lock for each access request, which has not been achieved before.

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期刊IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
出版狀態Published - 1 九月 1994

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