Semipolar GaN films on prism stripe patterned a-plane sapphire substrates

Cheng Yu Hsieh, Bo Wen Lin, Wen Hao Cheng, Bau Ming Wang, Li Chang, Yew-Chuhg Wu

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A (10 14) semipolar GaN layer was grown on periodic stripe patterned a-plane sapphire substrate fabricated by using two-steps etching process. The stripes in prism shape were inclined with sapphire c-axis in 60 degrees. The orientation relationship between semipolar GaN and sapphire is (0 0 0 2)GaN//(2 1 1 3)sapphire and [2 1 10]GaN//[2 3 5 2]sapphire as defined by selected area diffraction in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Growth of semipolar GaN on the sidewalls of the prism stripes is evidenced from TEM and X-ray Φ scan. The quality of semipolar GaN film is reasonably good as examined with X-ray rocking curves. In addition, TEM and cathodoluminescence results show that the dislocation density in the semipolar GaN is significantly reduced near the film surface.

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期刊ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2012

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