Self-Organized Ge Nanospherical Gate/SiO 2 /Si 0.15 Ge 0.85 -Nanosheet n-FETs Featuring High ON-OFF Drain Current Ratio

Po Hsiang Liao, Kang Ping Peng, Horng-Chih Lin, Thomas George, Pei-Wen Li*

*Corresponding author for this work

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We reported experimental fabrication and characterization of Si 0.15 Ge 0.85 n-MOSFETs comprising a gate-stacking heterostructure of Ge-nanospherical gate/SiO 2 /Si 0.15 Ge 0.85 -nanosheet on SOI (100) substrate in a self-organization approach. This unique gate-stacking heterostructure is simultaneously produced in a single oxidation step as a consequence of an exquisitely controlled dynamic balance between the concentrations of oxygen, Si, and Ge interstitials at 900 °C. Process-controlled tunability of nanospherical gate of 60-100 nm in diameter, gate oxide thickness of 3 nm, and Si 0.15 Ge 0.85 nanosheet with compressive strain of -2.5% was achieved. Superior gate modulation is evidenced by subthreshold slope of 150 mV/dec and I ON I OFF >5 × 10 8 (I OFF < 10 -6 μA μm and I ON >500 μA μm ) measured at V G = +1V , V D = +1 V, and T = 80 K for our device with channel length of 75 nm.

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期刊IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2019

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