Reducing power consumption in LTE data scheduling with the constraints of channel condition and QoS

Li Ping Tung*, Ying Dar Lin, Yu Hsien Kuo, Yuan Cheng Lai, Krishna M. Sivalingam

*Corresponding author for this work

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3GPP has developed the Discontinuous Reception (DRX) power saving mechanism, which periodically turns off the radio interface to reduce the power consumption. However, packets cannot be received during the turn-off duration, as a result that the Quality of Services (QoS) may be violated. Therefore, optimal DRX parameters should be configured to satisfy QoS and minimize power consumption. In addition, channel condition may be unstable during the transmission, so the DRX parameters should also be dynamically adjusted. In this paper, we propose the Dynamic Scheduling with Extensible Allocation and Dispersed Offsets (DXD) scheme, which is composed of two algorithms, DRX parameters decision, to determine DRX period by considering channel condition and QoS constraints, and DRX-aware scheduling, to determine whether to extend the on duration so that QoS would not be affected by DRX. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed DXD approach can reduce power consumption up to 96.7% compared to No-DRX scheme and guarantee QoS as good as No-DRX scheme. In addition, the power consumption can be reduced by 70.1% and 45.7% compared to the Fixed-DRX (100 ms), start-offset scheme and TS scheme in good channel condition. Our approach effectively reduces power consumption in varied channel conditions and high loading system and still achieves better delay satisfaction ratio than others.

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期刊Computer Networks
出版狀態Published - 24 十二月 2014

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