Power Scaling in a Diode-End-Pumped Multisegmented Nd:YVO4 Laser With Double-Pass Power Amplification

Yu Jen Huang, Wei Zhe Zhuang, Kuan-Wei Su, Yung-Fu Chen

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We demonstrate a high-power master oscillator power amplifier with the double-pass configuration based on the specially designed multisegmented Nd:YVO4 crystals. A powerful mathematical technique on the basis of the Fourier eigenfunction expansion method is developed for precisely calculating the temperature distribution inside the gain medium. A seed Nd:YVO4 oscillator under dual-end pumping is subsequently constructed for efficiently emitting the output power of up to 50 W. Moreover, under a total incident pump power of 244 W at 808 nm, as high as 108 W of the output power at 1064 nm is further generated in our developed master oscillator power amplifier system. Theoretical and experimental results clearly reveal that the gain medium with multiple doping concentrations is practically valuable for constructing a high-power end-pumped laser without bringing in significantly thermal effects.

期刊IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2015

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