On The Importance Of The Reaction CH2+N2 → HCN+NH As A Precursor For Prompt No Formation

W. A. Sanders, C. Y. Lin, Ming-Chang Lin

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The rate of the reaction CH2+ N2is modeled by transition state (RRKM) theory in order to evaluate its importance as a candidate precursor for so-called “prompt” NO formation in flame fronts. The transition state parameters are based on the best available thermochemical and kinetic data, assuming a “tight” complex. The rate constant predicted by the model for the triplet ground state has the form k= 8 x10-12 exp(- 18,000/T) cm3/molecule-sec. Nearly identical results were obtained for the singlet first excited state, assuming a zero activation energy for the addition of CH2to N2. These rate constants are a factor of 675–85 smaller than the experimental values reported for the reaction CH + N2 in the temperature range 1500–2000 K. Thus the reaction of CH2 with N2is unlikely to be an important precursor of prompt NO formation.

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期刊Combustion science and technology
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 1987

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