New Printed Filtering Antenna with Selectivity Enhancement

Chao-Tang Chuang, Shyh-Jong Chung

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In this paper, a new printed filtering antenna with selectivity enhancement is presented. Based on the co-design approach, the printed meander-line antenna and a quarter-wavelength resonator are used and integrated to be the filtering antenna. Here, an antenna performs not only a radiator but also the last resonator of the bandpass filter. A new structure of the quarter-wavelength resonator is also proposed, which can provide a shunt resonator with high capacitance and introduce two extra transmission zeros for selectivity enhancement. According to the filter specifications, a design procedure is depicted in detail. One example of a 2.45 GHz two-pole filtering antenna is described based on the second-order Chebyshev bandpass filter with 0.1 dB equal-ripple response. Furthermore, the proposed structure supply good filter skirt selectivity. The measured results, including the return loss and antenna gain versus frequency, have good agreement with the designed one.
出版狀態Published - 2009
事件37th European Microwave Conference - Rome, Italy
持續時間: 29 九月 20091 十月 2009


Conference37th European Microwave Conference

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