iSARST: An integrated SARST web server for rapid protein structural similarity searches

Wei-Cheng Lo, Che Yu Lee, Chi Ching Lee, Ping Chiang Lyu*

*Corresponding author for this work

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iSARST is a web server for efficient protein structural similarity searches. It is a multi-processor, batch-processing and integrated implementation of several structural comparison tools and two database searching methods: SARST for common structural homologs and CPSARST for homologs with circular permutations. iSARST allows users submitting multiple PDB/SCOP entry IDs or an archive file containing many structures. After scanning the target database using SARST/CPSARST, the ordering of hits are refined with conventional structure alignment tools such as FAST, TM-align and SAMO, which are run in a PC cluster. In this way, iSARST achieves a high running speed while preserving the high precision of refinement engines. The final outputs include tables listing co-linear or circularly permuted homologs of the query proteins and a functional summary of the best hits. Superimposed structures can be examined through an interactive and informative visualization tool. iSARST provides the first batch mode structural comparison web service for both co-linear homologs and circular permutants. It can serve as a rapid annotation system for functionally unknown or hypothetical proteins, which are increasing rapidly in this post-genomics era. The server can be accessed at

期刊Nucleic acids research
發行號SUPPL. 2
出版狀態Published - 4 八月 2009

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