Intra-cell ionic properties of twisted nematic liquid crystal cells

Po An Chen, Kei-Hsiung Yang

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Under 1-kHz and low-frequency driving, we report our investigation of intra-cell ionic properties of two twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal (LC) cells made of same LC mixture but different polyimide (PI) materials for LC alignments. A heterodyne interferometry system was used to measure the phase retardations of the TN cells versus applied voltages at 1kHz. We also measured the phase retardations and currents of the TN cells versus time by applying a mid-grayscale voltage of 1.3V at 0.1Hz to the cells. Related to the above-measured data, we have developed equations to characterise the field-driven transports of mobile charge carriers within the PI films independently from that within the LC medium of same TN cell to obtain time-dependent in-cell voltages of mobile charge carries across the LC mixture and across two PI-alignment films, respectively. Our experimental methods can be used to optimise LC mixtures and PI materials for low-refresh-rate thin-film-transistor-driven liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for low power and provide bases for further investigations on mobile-charge-carrier generation and transport within thin in-cell PI-alignment films as well as within the LC mixture of same LC cell.
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期刊Liquid Crystals
出版狀態Published - 2019

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