High-temperature ratchets with sawtooth potentials

Viktor M Rozenbaum, Irina V Shapochkina, Sheh-Yi Sheu, Dah-Yen Yang, Sheng Hsien Lin

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The concept of the effective potential is suggested as an efficient instrument to get a uniform analytical description of stochastic high-temperature on-off flashing and rocking ratchets. The analytical representation for the average particle velocity, obtained within this technique, allows description of ratchets with sharp potentials (and potentials with jumps in particular). For sawtooth potentials, the explicit analytical expressions for the average velocity of on-off flashing and rocking ratchets valid for arbitrary frequencies of potential energy fluctuations are derived; the difference in their high-frequency asymptotics is explored for the smooth and cusped profiles, and profiles with jumps. The origin of the difference as well as the appearance of the jump behavior in ratchet characteristics are interpreted in terms of self-similar universal solutions which give the continuous description of the effect. It is shown how the jump behavior in motor characteristics arises from the competition between the characteristic times of the system.
期刊Physical Review E
出版狀態Published - 23 十一月 2016

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