Electrical properties of resistance switching V-doped SrZrO3 films on textured LaNiO3 bottom electrodes

Chih Yi Liu*, Arthur Wang, Wen Yueh Jang, Tseung-Yuen Tseng

*Corresponding author for this work

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Sputter-deposited V-doped SrZrO3 (SZO) films were deposited on textured LaNiO3 (LNO) bottom electrodes to investigate the resistance switching properties and reliabilities. The microstructures of the SZO and LNO films were characterized by x-ray diffraction. The resistance of the Al/V-doped SZO/LNO sandwich structures can be reversibly switched by operating with dc bias voltages or voltage pulses. The device with [100] orientated SZO film had better resistance switching properties and the resistance ratio was more than 1000. The effect of thermal treatment on resistance switching properties was investigated and different behaviour of the two leakage-states was found. Finally, the reliability of the device was also investigated. The device with the properties of reversible resistance switching and non-destructive readout is suitable for nonvolatile memory application.

頁(從 - 到)1156-1160
期刊Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 21 三月 2006

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