Eigenstructure assignment for stabilizable singular systems

An Ping Wang*, Sheng-Fuu Lin

*Corresponding author for this work

研究成果: Article同行評審


In previous research on eigenstructure assignment for singular systems, the assignable right generalized eigenvectors of the infinite and uncontrollable finite eigenvalues have never been discussed except for the first one of the uncontrollable finite eigenvalues. So the systems in previous works on eigenstructure assignment are always assumed to be controllable. In this paper, all assignable right generalized eigenvectors for finite eigenvalues (controllable and uncontrollable) and infinite eigenvalues (controllable and uncontrollable) are given. By these solutions, the eigenstructure assignment can be applied to all stabilizable systems. All solutions are represented in parametric forms. Therefore, the flexibility to choose those right generalized eigenvectors is simply represented by free parameters. The condition for detecting the regularity of the resulting system is also given.

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