Characterization of Al2O3/ZnO grown on Si substrate by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition

Chen Chen Chung, Binh Tinh Tran, Kung Liang Lin, Ching Chiun Wang, Chien Chih Chen, Chih Yung Huang, Sheng Lang Lee, Edward Yi Chang

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Characterization of nanolaminate Al2O3/ZnO oxide films grown on Si substrates was conducted by using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PE-ALD) method. PE-ALD can minimize the structural imperfections in films and reduce substrate damage. The film deposition by using PE-ALD are dense, defect-free, highly uniform, conformal films and show excellent step coverage. Moreover, compared to other deposition techniques, it is possible to deposit high quality films at much lower temperatures. High resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) images showed the existence of sharp interfacial layers among the Al2O3, ZnO layer, and the Si substrate for the growth rate of 1.56 Å/cycle, and the surface roughness of about 0.2 nm. The nanolaminate-stacking layer can be used in organic light emitting diode encapsulation application as the gas barrier.

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期刊ECS Transactions
出版狀態Published - 1 十二月 2012

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