Algebraic constructions of space-frequency codes

Mao Ching Chiu*, Francis Lu

*Corresponding author for this work

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Recently an algebraic construction of (nt × Q) space-frequency (SF) codes over finite field ℱq was proposed for use in MIMO-OFDM systems, where nt is the number of transmit antenna and Q = qnt - 1 is the number of subcarriers employed in the code. One inconvenience arising from that construction is that the number of subcarriers Q can sometimes be insufficient for constructing codes of large minimum column distance. To completely eliminate this disadvantage, an alternative construction of SF codes with Q = qm - 1 is provided in this paper, whenever m is a multiple of nt. Lower bounds on the minimum rank and column distances of the proposed construction are also given. Simulation results show that the newly constructed codes provide a significant improvement in SNR compared to other SF codes available in the literature.

主出版物標題2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC'07
出版狀態Published - 1 十二月 2007
事件2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC'07 - Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
持續時間: 24 六月 200728 六月 2007


名字IEEE International Conference on Communications


Conference2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC'07
國家United Kingdom
城市Glasgow, Scotland

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