Probing the intrinsic optical Bloch-mode emission from a 3D photonic crystal

Mei-Li Hsieh, Bur James A. , Qingguo Du, John Sajeev, Shawn Yu Lin

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We report experimental observation of intrinsic Bloch-mode emission from a 3D tungsten photonic crystal at low thermal excitation. After the successful removal of conventional metallic emission (normal emission), it is possible to make an accurate comparison of the Bloch-mode and the normal emission. For all biases, we found that the emission intensity of the Bloch-mode is higher than that of the normal emission. The Bloch-mode emission also exhibits a slower dependence on (h(omega)/k(b)T) than that of the normal emission. The observed higher emission intensity and a different T-dependence is attributed to Bloch-mode assisted emission where emitters have been located into a medium having local density of states different than the isotropic case. Furthermore, our finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation shows the presence of localized spots at metal-air boundaries and corners, having intense electric field. The enhanced plasmonic field and local non-equilibrium could induce a strong thermally stimulated emission and may be the cause of our unusual observation.
Original languageEnglish
Article number415204
Issue number41
StatePublished - 14 Oct 2016


  • photonic crystals; photonic bandgap materials; thermal radiation; nanomaterials

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