Performance Analysis of a New Hybrid Token-CSMA/CD Protocol

Tsern-Huei Lee*, Chung Zen Hon

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


A new hybrid token-CSMA/CD protocol is proposed and analyzed in this paper. The new hybrid protocol is suitable for bus-structured local area networks. Basically, the new hybrid protocol is a modification of the one proposed by Gopal and Wong[3]. In our new hybrid protocol, the first time slot after the channel changes state from busy to idle, is reserved for the exclusive use of the priority user who possesses the token. Results show that, by this simple modification, our new hybrid protocol has a better performance than the one proposed in [3], especially when the time wasted in detecting a collision is large. The reason is that most of the packet collisions will be avoided by reserving one time slot for the exclusive use of the priority user.


  • Bus network
  • Hybrid token-CSMA/CD protocol
  • Per­formance analysis

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