Nanoparticle Manipulation Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Meng Yen Tsai*, Tzong-Shi Liu

*Corresponding author for this work

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To develop nanotechnology, nanoparticle manipulation plays all Important role in the assembly of nanoelements This Study aims to Manipulate nanoparticles using an atomic force microscope and X-Y positioning stage Strain gauges serve as sensors to Measure the travel distance of piezo-drivers in an X-Y stage In all atomic force microscopy system Nanoparticles are pushed based oil sliding mode control whose robust properties can deal with model uncertainty and disturbance In addition, a fuzzy controller is responsible for compensating "up-particle contact loss". so its to establish all accurate and stable manipulation system Experimental results demonstrate pushing nanoparticles oil Inclined substrates, different limited scanning ranges with different slope angles, and removing and remaining nanoparticles oil inclined substrates.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-37
JournalJournal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2010


  • nanoparticle; X-Y stage; nanomanipulation

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