Low temperature and high magnetic field spectroscopic ellipsometry system

Sheng Kai Su, Liang-chen Li, Yuen-Wuu Suen, Jau Yang Wu, Hong-Rong Kuo, Yu-Tai Sung , Chien-Ping Lee, Oleksandr Voskoboynikov

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We report on the design and implementation of a spectral ellipsometer at near-infrared wavelength (700-1000 nm) for samples placed in high magnetic fields (up to 14 T) at low temperatures (similar to 4.2 K). The main optical components are integrated in a probe, which can be inserted into a conventional long-neck He dewar and has a very long free-space optical path (similar to 1.8 mx2). A polarizer-sample-(quarter-wave plate)-rotating analyzer configuration was employed. Two dielectric mirrors, one before and one after the sample in the optical path, helped to reflect the light back to the analyzer and a two-axis piezo-driven goniometer under the sample holder was used to control the direction of the reflected light. Functional test results performed on an intrinsic GaAs wafer and analysis on the random error of the system are shown. We obtained both amplitude and phase ellipsometric spectra simultaneously and observed helicity transformation at energies near the GaAs exciton transitions in the phase spectra. Significant shifts of them induced by magnetic fields were observed and fitted with a simple model. This system will allow us to study the collective magneto-optical response of materials and spatial dispersive exciton-polariton related problems in high external magnetic fields at low temperatures. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.
Original languageEnglish
Article number055101
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2014



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