Nazaraf Shah, Chen-Fang Tsai, Kuo-Ming Chao, Chi-Chun Lo

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Recent years have seen extensive research in home energy management systems to address the issues of rising energy prices and global warming. The focus of these research efforts is to create a smart environment which integrates household energy consumption appliances and devices into a home area network. This home area network collects energy consumption data constantly in real time in order support data analysis, decision making and enable the householders to have a transparent view of their energy consumption. The ultimate goal is to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to help householders to reduce their energy consumption while maintaining level of their comfort. The proposed recommender system is a subsystem of an integrated energy management system which involves innovative technologies to monitor and analyse energy consumption of households in real time and enables them to have more detailed picture of their energy consumption and also provide them advice on efficient energy usage. The recommender system is supported by the monitoring system which consists of a network of energy consumption monitoring sensors. These sensors read energy consumption of household appliances in real time and send the data to a central server for storage, analysis and query purposes. In this paper we present a recommender system which provides advice to householders proactively by taking in account their energy consumption patterns and also provides answers to their queries regarding efficient use of energy.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
StatePublished - 2010
Event1st International Multi-Conference on Innovative Developments in ICT (INNOV 2010) - Univ Piraeus, Athens, Greece
Duration: 29 Jul 200931 Jul 2009


Conference1st International Multi-Conference on Innovative Developments in ICT (INNOV 2010)

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