BIM- and mobile-based system for supporting facility maintenance management

Chin Yu Lin, Kun Chi Wang, Tse Yu Kuo, Li Hsi Yang, Wei-Chih Wang

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Facility maintenance tasks require extensive historical data and information to be stored, retrieved and managed. Although several mobile-based devices have been proposed to access the maintenance information from three-dimension (3D) building information model (BIM) environment, these devices are deficient in simultaneously updating the maintenance information both in the field and the BIM. This study proposes a BIM- and mobile-based system that integrates BIM model, MySQL database, Microsoft Access database, and Android App modules for supporting facility maintenance management. The Android App module consists of the functions of 3D visualization, information inquiry, and view/edit maintenance work orders. While MySQL stores all the BIM information and work order databases, the manager can then update the BIM model. Allowing to update maintenance information in the BIM model in a cloud environment improved the existing relevant systems. Thus, by updating all the information in a cloud environment, it can then update the maintenance information simultaneously both in the field and the BIM with simple mobile-based devices. In this study, it applied BIM-and Mobile-Based System for Supporting Facility Maintenance Management on a case project. In this project, it demonstrated how this system worked in a project. The results of the case project show that the maintainers in the project can immediately update the latest information and so reduce not only the time that takes but also the potential mistakes that may happen. To sum up, the efficiency of Maintenance Management boosted significantly.


Conference35th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction and International AEC/FM Hackathon: The Future of Building Things, ISARC 2018


  • Android app
  • Building information modeling
  • Facility maintenance management
  • Mobile devise

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