Application of Casino Management on Cloud Platform

Tsung-Chih Hsiao, Yu-Ting Liao, Pao-Kuan Wu, Tzer-Long Chen, Meng-Ta Miao, Jen-Hung Huang, Luyin Zhang

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


The boom of gaming industry in Southeast Asia has resulted in the increase of large-scale tourism casinos and small and medium casinos. Manually managing the revenue and the members of casinos are considered insufficient but the costs and the maintenance for large-scale systems are abundant that lots of small and medium casinos still adopt manual management. Nonetheless, the increasing number of casinos has enhanced the fierce competition among casinos; and, gaming industry, which used to make money easily, now can make profits merely by effective management. The importance of casino management systems is therefore largely enhanced. Technologically, the introduction of cloud computing could solve the problems of acquiring the same services without investing enormous costs and merely focusing on system management but having system management companies assist in the maintenance. Furthermore, applying QR codes to ID authentication could solve many problems for casinos. Traditionally, the members could accumulate the reward points for free coupons of meals, accommodation, and gifts with the membership cards. Now, the members could have QR codes as the temporary ID authentication, instead of membership cards, that casinos could save the cost for making membership cards. The analysis of casinos achieved the business intelligence through cloud computing allows small and medium casinos to present more efficient management and better competitiveness, as such casinos cannot provide comparative equipment as large-scale tourism casinos can customize services becoming stronger. However, understanding the preference of members and timely offering customized services are the best effectiveness of business intelligence analysis.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - May 2016
Event2016 International Conference on Applied System Innovation, IEEE ICASI 2016 - Ginowan City Okinawa, Japan
Duration: 28 May 20161 Jun 2016


Conference2016 International Conference on Applied System Innovation, IEEE ICASI 2016
CityGinowan City Okinawa


  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Platform
  • Slot Machine; QR Code
  • Casino Management System

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