A Real-Time Pothole Detection Approach for Intelligent Transportation System

Hsiu Wen Wang, Chi-Hua Chen, Ding Yuan Cheng, Chun-Hao Lin, Chi-Chun Lo

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In recent years, fast economic growth and rapid technology advance have led to significant impact on the quality of traditional transport system. Intelligent transportation system(ITS), which aims to improve the transport system, has become more and more popular. Furthermore, improving the safety of traffic is an important issue of ITS, and the pothole on the road causes serious harm to drivers' safety. Therefore, drivers' safety may be improved with the establishment of real-time pothole detection system for sharing the pothole information. Moreover, using the mobile device to detect potholes has been more popular in recent years. This approach can detect potholes with lower cost in a comprehensive environment. This study proposes a pothole detection method based on the mobile sensing. The accelerometer data is normalized by Euler angle computation and is adopted in the pothole detection algorithm to obtain the pothole information. Moreover, the spatial interpolation method is used to reduce the location errors from global positioning system (GPS) data. In experiments, the results show that the proposed approach can precisely detect potholes without false-positives, and the higher accuracy is performed by the proposed approach. Therefore, the proposed real-time pothole detection approach can be used to improve the safety of traffic for ITS.
Original languageEnglish
Article number869627
JournalMathematical Problems in Engineering
StatePublished - 2015

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