A fully-integrated wireless bondwire accelerometer with closed-loop readout architecture

Yu-Te Liao, Shih Chieh Huang, Fu Yuan Cheng, Tsung Heng Tsai

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This paper presents a fully-integrated wireless bondwire accelerometer using a closed-loop readout interface that effectively reduces the noise from electrical circuits and long-term frequency drifts. The proposed accelerometer was fabricated using 0.18-μm CMOS technology without micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) processing. To reduce manufacturing errors, the bondwire inertial sensors are wire-bonded on the chip pads, thereby enabling a precisely-defined length and space between sensing bondwires. The proposed wireless accelerometer using a pair of 15.2 μm and 25.4 μm bondwires achieves a linear transducer gain of 33 mV/g, bandwidth of 5 kHz, a noise floor of 700 μm/√Hz, and 4.5 μm bias stability. The acceleration data is digitalized by an energy-efficient 10-bit SAR ADC and then wirelessly transmitted in real time to the external reader by a low-power on-off shift keying (OOK) transmitter. The proposed architecture consumes 9 mW and the chip area is 2 mm × 2.4 mm.

Original languageEnglish
Article number07277194
Pages (from-to)2445-2453
Number of pages9
JournalIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers
Issue number10
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2015


  • Bondwire
  • CMOS
  • Inertial sensing
  • Resonant accelerometerWireless accelerometer

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