Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies

Organization profile

organization profile

This program combines the faculty members and sources of departments including the College of Engineering, the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University, constructing an integrated teaching and research setting of innovative acoustic technology and art exclusively available here in Taiwan to cultivate the professional talent specialized in acoustic technology.

The program was approved by the Ministry of Education in October, 2007, and the students have been recruited ever since. Currently, this program is divided into two divisions, the Audio Engineering Division and the Music Technology Division, to conduct teaching and research. In the first year, 128 students applied for this program and 15 were admitted. This proves that this program does indeed match the market trend as well as the social need. The number of applicants is also on the increase every year with attention having been paid to the features of this program by all walks of life. Presently, it is planned to increase the number of graduate students and to establish a doctoral program.

The program has a professional teaching team from the interdisciplinary fields (12 distinguished professors). There are state-of-the-art teaching laboratories: Acoustics & Vibration Laboratory, Center of Audio and Visual Experiment (Audio-visual Lab) and Studio of Professional Computer Music. Combining audio with other media, the program develops an interdisciplinary research in the technologies of audio hardware and software.